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Livingstondirect web design & hosting services of Michigan is dedicated to providing businesses with a high quality and very affordable web design. I also provide Web Site Maintenance, Search Engine Submission, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I am striving to be the number one designer and number one web design company in Michigan and beyond. I am not limited to just designing web sites for Michigan businesses! If you have a business located in the United States just contact me with any questions you might have about getting your business up and running on the World Wide Web (www).

Some of my philosophies for a good site design are - keep it simple as possible! Make the web pages easy to navigate and provide visitors with current and up to date information about your company. People are looking for quality information on the products or services that your company offers. They are not looking for flashy graphics or gadgets on your site - they are just looking for good and reliable information about your company. Do not get me wrong! A web site design should be pleasing to your visitor's eyes and look professional! But this can be obtained without an overload of graphics and gadgets that slow your site down. If your site takes to long to load you run the risk of potential customers or clients leaving your site before they even get in.

NOTE: I have limitations on the number of new web design jobs I can take in at any given time. I will be totally honest with you when you contact me about a specific service that I provide. If I can not provide you with the service within the time frame that you would like it completed I will tell you up front and I will not string you along. I will never promise something I can not deliver! I am 100% dedicated to each new job that I take on! I have many years of web design and search engine optimization experience; I know what people are looking for when they visit a web site and I know how to attract prospective clients to your web site. I would like to tell you what I tell all my clients! It is great to have a web site; it is almost a necessity for any business these days! But you could have the best web site on the internet but if potential customers or clients can not find you on the major search engines your site is almost useless, so do not waste your money on a web site unless you plan on spending a little money or a lot of time on search engine optimization. I have been very successful in getting my clients ranked in the top 10 of the major search engines.
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Michigan Web Design And Hosting Sevices